Ingram on rough trade stocking ragga

>”In Rough Trade’s favour Darren in Covent Garden (who I hit in person with my URL last Friday, if you’re reading this mate, hi!) does stock Ragga, which is almost
> foolhardy in the face of market forces. I mean how many people really buy it?”

I reckon there’s about to be a big ragga crossover, with lots of middle class white people buying it. People seem really hungry for it. I look forward to being able to reccomend a series of Soul Jazz ragga compilations to new initiates.

Of course this has a lot to do with the popularity of my own Nervous Ragga mix CD, which literally several people have requested.

Luka talks (midly and not uncritically) about how investment in the east end is a good thing, just as dizzee rascal’s being on Dazed & Cionfused’s cover is a good thing.

T’ing is, investment in (or near) the east end has been remarkable for its lack of impact. Arguably it does nothing but drive out original inhabitants through gentrification.

Just a thought.