Oh my god I’m playing Exodus / DMZ

Exodus DMZ 4th birthday

Yes. I’m playing Exodus / DMZ next month.

Warming up for El B and the magnificent Heatwave.

Most of my dubstep heroes in room 1. Kode, Mala, Loe, Scuba, Silkie…

Absolutely fucking mental. I cannot believe it.

They want 80s dancehall and “your own productions”. So there’ll be some new funky stuff, maybe the Shabba / Wicked Inna Bed remix that’s I’ve been working. Dying to play some Congo Natty too – probably Your Love, since it’s the greatest record ever made.

This is so fantastic…

Clean living in difficult circumstances: Haiti

Clean living in difficult circumstances: Haiti
None of these facts really point towards a supernatural cause belying the natural disasters that Haiti and New Orleans have endured. I’m a strong believer that “The Devil” only really exists as a personification of the horrors that human beings perpetrate upon one another and upon the planet. Such as slavery, for instance. Or being so abjectly terrified of a free black territory that has violently thrown off the yoke of slave owners, that you conspire to undermine its economy and stability in such a way that the repercussions are still being felt centuries later.
Gypsy Lantern on the demonisation of vodoun within the coverage of the Haiti earthquake disaster.

Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth
“though a longtime Mac-user (since Mac OS 8)”
Ah, a new boy! I helped run the introduction of OS7 when I was working in the Mac business. I go back to system 4 and a bit of system 3, but I used System 6 (and for a while, 5) professionally – including when I was a Mac journalist.

All of which shows nothing more than that I’ve got a few more grey hairs than the eternally youthful Mr Ingram 🙂