On the wire returns

The legendary Steve Barker wrotes with news of a special show from on the wire:

“On the Wire will broadcast the second art of “Rudies On the Wire” on Saturday 20th February 2010, 10 through till 12 midnight on BBC Radio Lancashire (103.9FM, 95.5FM, 104.5FM – not on DAB or MW) the show will also be found on the net at www.onthewire.uk.com. The first part “Rudies On the Wire” is archived at January 2010 on the show’s website www.otwradio.blogspot.com. As usual selections are from OTW co-conspirator Harry “Mr. Classics” Hawkes.

Previous vintage shows originally broadcast in the early nineties can now be found at:
These include:

Ø Spear On The Wire – including archive interview with Mr. Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear following his gig at Cleopatra’s in Huddersfield in 1980
Ø Rockers On The Wire Broadcast On Radio Lancashire 24/6/90 2-5pm – an Augustus Pablo tribute
Ø Scorcher On The Wire – Broadcast On BBC Radio Lancashire 16/7/89 2-5pm broadcast in tribute to Mr. Clement “Coxsone” Dodd
Ø Yabby You On the Wire Broadcast 26/8/90 – in tribute to Vivian Jackson
Ø Scratch On the Wire mc’d by Mr. Lee Perry himself
Ø Dentist On The Wire (aka Keith Hudson)
Ø Moods On the Wire – A tribute to the work of Mr. Harry Mudie

The site’s search facility will locate other specials from Wailing Souls, Andy Capp, Derrick Harriott, I Roy vs. Jazzbo, Jimmy Radway (Fe me Time) and recently a two partner on Bob Andy’s Songbook featuring album, single and dub/instrumental versions of the classic tunes from arguably reggae’s greatest song/vocal album. The original “Dubs On the Wire” shows from the late eighties are still to be archived on to the site.

Forthcoming for 2010 and onwards is a Randy’s special with Clive Chin (from Beijing), an overdue retrospective on Desmond Dekker, a three part King Tubby’s Special including guest selectors and a riddim-riot from Rhythm-Master Glen Brown.”

Starkey destroyed sheffield

Wow starkey rocked it! Crowd was mental, really going for it. Promoters are on it, pulled in a really good mixed crowd and the party went off. Sheffield loves it’s funky but it loves starket style hyperwonk even more. Mans a genius!

Grievous Angel promo mix for Twilight Soundsystem

Twilight Circus is a truly FANTASTIC reggae / dub outfit run by Ryan Moore. He has done LOADS of albums and most of them are really, REALLY good. Like, good enough to mistake for Tubby.

So he asked me to do a mix for him and I spent a few months last year doing it – a dj mix of dub-pon-dub riddim excursions, all in a grime / dubstep friendly 140bpm format. In a way it presaged the remix album that’s forthcoming on Keysound, where I remixed the whole of the Blackdown and Dusk album and mixed it together.

The Twilight Circus mix is now up on his site – been there a while I think – and I truly recommend you check it out. Trust me, this one’s heavy! GET IT HERE. http://www.grievousangel.net/GAMixes/Twilight_Circus_In_Dub_Grievous_Angel_Mix_2020_remaster.mp3

Check out the vocalists he’s got! Talk about a-list!

Love Dub Remix
Big Youth – Love is What We Need
Big Youth – Dub Is What We Need
Luciano – What We Got to Do (Acoustic mix)
Luciano – What We Got to Do (Zion Train mix)
Luciano – What We Got to Do
Luciano – What We Got to Do (G Corp mix)
Twilight Circus – Fams
Twilight Circus – Fams (Jacklight mix)
Twilight Circus – Depth Charge
Mykal Rose – No Burial
Mykal Rose – No Burial (Manasseh Mix)
Mykal Rose – No Burial (Rob Smith Remix)
Ranking Joe – Poor Man Struggle
Ranking Joe – Poor Man Version
Twilight Circus – Thunder
Twilight Circus – Rolling Thunder
Twilight Circus – Rolling Thunder (Parice Scott Minor Remix)
Ranking Joe – Don’t Follow Babylon (Blood & Fire Meets Wai Wan Remix – Dub Shop Style)
Twilight Circus – Dub Babylon
Ranking Joe – Don’t Follow Babylon
Ranking Joe – World in Dub
Ranking Joe – World in Trouble
Twilight Circus – 808 (GYS Remix)
Twilight Circus – 808 Dub Plate
Ranking Joe – Don’t Try To Use Me
Twilight Circus – Shaka
Twilight Circus – Shaka (Alter Echo Remix)

Reynolds in contrarian wobble-embracing shock!

I do love Simon and regularly defend him against his detractors. But his natural contrarianism can lead him to some strange value judgements at times. To wit, he hath discovered 16 bit and seems to be arguing that this is is an example of post-Spongebob wobble being, well, fun, in contrast with the half baked noodle of the deeper side of the scene. (via blissblog.)

Which is fine in itself – I have often defended, online and in print, the better-quality elements of  jump-up style dubstep as the natural successors of the Prodigy but… oh Simon! Do keep UP!

Yes you are quite right that “this is not only a good laugh but actually quite musical i think”. “We” like 16 bit. We liked that track a long time ago and we still do – we being, you know, proper dubstep heads with taste and everything, the fans going dribbly over Joy Orbison and apparently being all chin-strokey about it.  But no, we’re NOT “all for these bastard children of “spongebob” because we actually know what that means! Because it does not typically mean Prodigy-style jump up splattercore that still has its roots in grime/garage/jungle. No – it means heavy metal student toss. That’s the reality – if you actually go to the clubs and know the scene and how it develops.

(Just as we knew that wonky within dubstep was not conditionend and defined by ketamine, even if drugs are – newsflash! – used by some producers some of the time. But that is an old and ugly dispute in which there is no profit in revisiting.)

If you want more of that big and bouncy rave-y wobble that’s actually good, then check out Starkey (on, let us not forget, Blackdown’s label – yes Blackdown, who has led the charge against content-free wobble-metal), and yes you’re already on Raffertie, well done, and check out Sully’s heavier bits, and so on and so forth. All of whom we’ve been talking about for, literally, years. (Yes I know Simon likes Blackdown and his CD! That’s not the point…)

So yes, you’re right, but you’re a bit late, but then again so what, that doesn’t matter, and good luck to you for bigging up Raffertie and Zomby. Fine.

What DOES matter, to me anyway, is that Simon has drawn what is in my view an uttery false – and quite damaging – opposition between 16bit and Joy Orbison (with whom I played on Friday) – false IF YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT’S GOING OFF IN THE CLUBS. To wit:

“i mean, where would you rather be–in the midst of a crowd aving it apeshit to this sort of scato-splatterbass? or in the midst of headz sagely nodding (off, more like!) to moist ‘n’ milky minimalism such as this “talisman” of a track?” By which he means Hyph Mngo.

Now I suspect Simon hasn’t seen Hyph Mngo played in a club or dropped into a mix himself.  I have done both.

And Hyph Mngo FUCKING GOES OFF. It is a BANGER. People go APESHIT MENTAL TO IT. It is a solid gold RAVE TUNE. I mean… those sampled diva vocals… Simon can articulate what they mean, what they convey, in terms of hardcore and smashing the dance far better than I can. He played it as his last tune on Friday. Pulled the previous tune back, played Hyph Mngo from the start, stupidly long intro and all, and of course, most people in the room weren’t such music nerds that they’d heard it loads before. But they got it immediately. It was massive. Earlier in his set Joy didn’t play 16bit, or Spongebob, but he opened with some grime bangers, played lots of dirty (AND tasteful) garage, lots of crude and crunchy bassline – loads of tunes that link directly into 16bit. And it all fitted perfectly with Hyph Mngo.

So to dismiss Hyph Mngo with a flick of the wrist just because Hancox or whoever likes it is just silly!

And if Simon only knew the antecedence of Joy Orbison, he would be scrambling to interview him. Seriously. Becuase it’s fascinating, it confirms all his most important ideas in the most visceral, physical way possible, it brings to life much of what he has been observing and theorising for years. Literally. But that’s a nugget of information I am not at liberty to share at this time. However… Simon, get in touch with Joy Orbison, absorb the rest of his tracks, find out where he’s from and where he’s going.

You’re going to love it!

And while you’re at it, get into some uk funky – and check out what happens when Zed Bias and MJ Cole play it! And the new broken / latin stuff that’s coming in! Best scene for years…

Funky mix for Crazy Legs now up

My contribution to excellent Bristol nightclub Crazy Leg’s terrific series of dj mixes is now up.

Get it here.
Note that the link has changed.

I went for garage, UK funky and proper house here. The mix is bouncy but fairly deep, goes just about as banging as you could possibly want UK funky to go, has some good vocal numbers, but has gobfulls of dub all over it. I was also excited to have some drops / shouts from our very own Rubi Dan, the brilliant Bok Bok, and best of all, COOLY G HERSELF!!!!! I nearly wet myself with excitement when I got them.

Big up Andy from Crazy legs who is a lovely bloke and a terrific promoter, I hope I get the chance to play there soon.

Technicals: this was an Ableton mix that I did 100% live, no edits, including the rewinds and FX. The drops / shouts got added afterwards along with a bit of polishing and mastering. This is basically what I sound like live, when I’m doing a funky set anyway.

Next up is probably a grime mix and, if I can finish it, Dubstep Sufferah 4…

Here’s the tracklisting… there’s a few tunes here you won’t hear anywhere else!

0:00 Dem 2: Baby You’re So Sexy – Vocal MixIt
3:50 Dru Hill: Freak Like Me – El B Remix
7:00 Missy Elliott: Work It – Grievous Angel Remix
11:30 Cooly G: Floating
13:30 Uncle Bakongo: Baga
16:10 David Byrne and Brian Eno: The Jezebel Spirit
19:11 Hard House Banton: Sirens
21:05 KenLou: The Bounce
25:16 Riko: Ice Rink – Grievous Angel’s Drum Ritual Remix
29:06 Riko: Ice Rink – Grievous Angel Remix
35:16 Roska: Climate Change
36:55 Cooly G: Dis Boy
41:30 Q Burns’ Abstract Message: Innocent – King Britt Scuba Mix
46:02 Refuge: Frozen – Grievous Angel Remix
49.48 Lady Saw & Cecille: Loser – Grievous Angel Remix
54:40 Grievous Angel Ft. Rubi Dan: Move Down Low – Funky Remix
56:13 Ends

Move Down Low / Loser funky remix – release news

The TPs of Move Down Low remix are in and they sound FAT – yes they are really here as you can see from the pic below…


There will be just 400 for the world, no represses and no downloads (well maybe for Move Down Low, vinyl comes first though). All those who pre-ordered at Red Eye breathe easy, it is coming. Release date should be 13th July, right before the Dog Days, one year on from the first Devotional dubz release, Lady Dub – ERZULIE01.

Previews are up on the MySpace. You’ve all heard this tune and you know it goes off in the dance whether it’s played by Skream, Kode 9, Dub Boy, Blackdown, Hanuman, Atki2 and all the other DJs who have been battering this on plate.

Special shout out to Kode 9 who cut Move Down Low within hours of me sending it, on the day I made it, and played it at the inaugural Beyond. Both tunes have been in his box ever since and he’s played one or both every time I’ve seen him. That’s just briliant!

Hold tight for the new broken stuff and I’ll be doing VIPs of MDL and Loser once solstice season is out of the way. Watch out for ICE RINK REFIX too – it’s been on Rinse a few times with Heatwave and Blackdown and there’s a clip on myspace if you want to hear it. Big up all soundmen!

DubTech mix

I’ve done a mix of dubstep that’s been influenced by techno, house an electro.

Vinyl mix. It’s quite lush and smooth. There’ll be a more jagged, jump-up one soon – and it’ll be volume 4 of the Dubstep Sufferah series.

It’s here. 174.7Mb 320. Tracklisting is in the lyrics tab:

00:00:00 Scuba – Outmost (Abucs 004)

00:05:15 A Made Up Sound – Sleep walk (Subsolo Records sub002)

00:08:53 TRG and Dub-U – Losing Marbles – 2562 remix (Hotflush HFT002)

00:12:33 TRG – Put You Down (Ramadanman Refix) [HES 004] 

00:14:35 Martyn – All I Have Is Memories (Apple Pips Pips001)

00:20:02 Martyn – Broken (REVOLVER011)

00:24:13 2562 – Kameleon (Tectonic TEC016)

00:27:34 Martyn – Shadowcasting (REVOLVER011) 

00:32:08 Martyn – Twenty Four (3024-001)

00:36:44 TRG  – Broken Heart – Martyn’s DCM mix (Hessle Audio HES004)

00:40:47 Martyn – Suburbia (Apple Pips Pips001)

00:43:43 2562 – Enforcers (Tectonic TEC020)

00:47:39 Skream – Lightning (TEMPA 016)

00:50:49 Ramadanman – Carla (Soul Jazz Records SJR 183-12)

00:52:38 2562 – Techno Dread (Tectonic TEC020)

00:57:53 Benga – Electro Scratch (RNG005)

01:01:55 Ramadanman – Offal (Soul Jazz Records SJR 183-12) 

01:06:10 Benga – Electro Music (TEMPA 026)

01:08:51 Headhunter – Sleepwalker (TEMPA 019)

01:11:48 Quest – Deep Inside (Deep Medi Musik Medi-07-Q)

01:16:16 Ends

4×4 Hell

New mix of 2001-3 dark, heavy, ardkore 4×4 garage up here.

0:00 narrows – dreams 2003

4:12 harry lime – grouch 2001

6:22 narrows – dreams (morph remix) 2001

8.05 harry Lime – Terror Bass

11.03 sirus – junglist

14:01 sirus – dj never seen 2002

15.20 harry lime – just a beat 2001

18.03 harry lime – go back 2002

21:15 notorious – acid attack

25:32 sirus red and black 2001

28:46 more 2 da floor – skunk

29:20 harry lime – rubber bass

32:28 sirus – whiplash 2001

33:14 sirus – whiplash 2001 (reload)

37:21 dj faz – destiny  2001

39:32 osmosis – exodus

44:51 dj faz – believe 2001

48:16 notorious – acid attack

51:21 harry lime – terror bass mix 2

53:29 notorious – spin back

58:49 ends

This one’s wicked – roots of grime and dubstep! It’s the counterpart to the 4×4 Heaven set I did a while back. Banging!

Garage Tape 2000

I’ve been promising this for ages. Now the Devotional Dubz mix is finally out – thank god, took forever! – I can start clearing out some of the backlog of other, less vital mixes. First up is my first ever 2step mix, even predating the Abstract 2Step mix. It’s from – as you can tell from the pic of the sleeve of the tape – August 2000, so it’s from when most of the classics had come out and the scene was turning very 4×4 (as chronicled on the 4×4 Heaven mix) and very aggy, as the police shut off all the garage raves, and scene turned into grime, and later, dubstep. Oh and house as well, with brilliant DJs such as DJ Roo going house, never to return – wonder if he’s bought Do You Mind yet…

So, this is a live mix, off tape – dubbed to my Mac via my lovely new toy, a mint condition Nakamichi CD2 tape deck, which I have plans for! – and therefore done all in one take, live, no edits. In fact I had to turn the tape over half way through, irritatingly in the middle of It’s a New Dawn. So that’s actually one edit then – I wasn’t going to leave a gap was I? So the mix isn’t perfect, there’s a couple of clatters, and the sequencing isn’t as neat as I would have liked, but it’s still a massively vibey little piece. And there’s some tunes in there that I’ve never really heard anywhere else – they’re all probably old news to someone like Ben UFO, but In the Air Tonight (yes a cover of the Phil Collins song and Belaeric classic!), Rinse Out and Bad Acid weren’t big on radio at the time and don’t seem particularly canonical. Sadly I don’t have access to most of these tunes since they’re all in storage for the next few months, so I can’t redo the mix, but I think you’ll really, really enjoy this little thing. In fact, this tape has been a car journey favourite for me and my wife for the last eight years and surely there’s no higher recommendation than that.

Get it HERE. 170Mb 320.

Tough 2Step Mix August 2000

DJ Chubbstarr & A. Fernandes feat MC Preshus: Rinse Out (1999)

Same People: Dangerous (1998)

Missy Elliott: She’s a Bitch (1999)

M Dubs feat Lady Saw: Bump’n’Grind (1999)

Ramsey & Fen: Love Bug (1997)

The Bomb Squad: Bad Acid (1999)

DJ Zinc: Super Sharp Shooter

Carlito’s Revenge: Real Man

DJ Zinc: 138 Trek (1997)

Carlito’s Revenge: Jump Up

Section 13: Freak the Funk (2000)

<can’t remember> It’s a New Dawn (Feelin’ Good) remix

Sevi G / Groove Chronicles: In the Air Tonight (1998)

Dem 2: Baby You’re So Sexy (Big Time Scary Dub Mix) (1999)

<can’t remember>: Let it roll

Two Ton Bad Boy: Worries In The Dance (1999)

Basement Jaxx: Jump’n’Shout (Dem 2 Remix) (2000)

Artful Dodger: Woman Trouble (1999)

If anyone can fill in some of the blanks I’d be grateful…

Devotional Dubz Mix Volume One

The first Devotional Dubz mix is now up on the FACT Magazine site. Do please check it out. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done. Here’s some backstory.

In the summer, I put out Lady Dub, the first of the Devotional Dubz series of dubstep / dark garage refixes of r’n’b tunes, which was the counterpart to the harder ragga techno styles on the double album, Belief is the Enemy, that was released at solstice. Lady Dub is a refix of D’Angelo’s nu-soul classic Lady, or rather of DJ Premier’s remix of it; it turned out to be fairly popular, helping to propel the garage revival that we’ve seen this year. It also offered a different vision of dubstep, one that reaffirmed the form’s original tolerance for sweetness and vocals while offering the biggest booming 808 sine waves I could manage.

Each Devotional Dubz release will have a DJ mix that acts as a kind of sonic manifesto; therefore the first one focuses on the other side of dubstep, the landslide, horsepower, mala side that traces a lineage back to soul and dancehall and broken beat, just as jungle traced a lineage back to r’n’b as much as to bashment. It includes exclusive refixes and blends of r’n’b tunes, alongside unreleased Grievous Angel garage tracks that have previously only been heard on Blackdown’s Rinse show, and some special edits of dark garage classics. It’s lush, it’s spacey, it’s skippy, and at the end it’s unremittingly heavy, but all the way it’s pure garage flavour.

Turn it up and feel the sunshine. Volume two will be out in a few months when I’ve got some funky stuff out of the way.

00:00: Jill Scott: Slowly Surely (Grievous Angel’s Erzulie Edit)

02.20: Craig Mack: Brand New Flava (Grievous Angel’s Iron River Edit)

05:19: Grievous Angel: Lady Dub

08:07: Jill Scott: Watching Me

09:30: Vaccine: Wishful Thinking (VIP Mix)

12:03: DJ Abstract: Touch

15:18: Jill Scott: Crown Royal (Grievous Angel’s Fucking In Sunshine Edit)

17:07: Jill Scott: My Love (Grievous Angel’s Deeper, Tighter Edit)

19:29: HorsePower Productions: Gorgon Sound

21:56: Grievous Angel: Lady Dub (2Step Remix)

25:10: Groove Chronicles: Be Happy

28:09: Grievous Angel: What We Had

31:47: El B: Bison

31:58: Groove Chronicles: Faith In You

34:13: Dru Hill: Freak Like Me (El B Remix)

39:11: El B: Two Thousand

40:34: Our Lady of Rage: Afro Puffs

42:00: Grievous Angel: I Love Dem

49:13: Ends