End fo Straight Outta Bethnal… for now

Chantelle Fiddy’s Straight Outta Bethnal grime night was one of the very few remaining regular grime nights until it closed due to police pressure. Unbelievable. See: http://chantellefiddy.blogspot.com/2006/04/restin.html That’s rough. Seems to me that running a grime night in London in the 2000s is like trying to run a reggae night in London in the seventies.

Grievous Angel Vs Bill Withers: No sunshine

No Sunshine

There’s been some discussion recently about the possibility of a softer, more melodic dubstep emerging – even a “coffee table” version of dubstep. There’s something to be said for this approach – a 4hero or Massive Attack style of dubstep – though it’s fraught with danger.

Anyway, this isn’t it. 🙂

I’m going a different way towards softness – taking a dub, and dubstep, approach to acoustic soul rather than my beloved reggae. In this instance, I’ve taken Bill Withers’ solid gold classic “Ain’t No Sunshine” and made it into a bit of a dread monster. This is famously a song that invites re-working, it’s bare two minutes and minimal structure inviting musicians to toy with its plaintive yet brooding melody; The Temptations turned it into a vast, long psychedelic soul epic, for example. Personally, I was haunted by the sound of Withers’ voice intoning the “No Sunshine” refrain over dubstep bass; it was an earworm I couldn’t escape, an earworm of a track that didn’t yet exist. Clearly I had no choice but to make it.

Let me know what you think.

Grievous Angel Vs Bill Withers: No Sunshine. 5:49. MP3. http://www.grievousangel.net/NoSunshine.mp3