tHAT wAS a nAUGHTY bIT oF cRAP: “Wiley: Igloo Remix and Blue Rizla.
I think, no exaggerating here, that he’s probably more important than George Clinton, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Sun Ra and Derrick May rolled into one.”

Yeah man, like totally. Like, you know when those guys use echoes, it’s like they’re bouncing their thoughts off the inside of your brain?

Actually, I’d love to hear this record, but bear in mind he’s talking about JUST ANOTHER RIDDIM RECORD. It’ll probably sound tired next week when we’re onto another microgenre. Even so – forward!

blissblog: “That’s one of the oddest things about A Clockwork Orange–the idea that the USSR would have this huge influence on Western pop culture such that the youth would speak pidgin Russian slang. But then nobody ever accused Anthony Burgess of being in touch with pop music”

No Burgess was spot on, just 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Think how many British youth use Jamaican patois. Punjabi is coming. You could say that Burgess was parodying the idea of Russian Communist ideology infiltrating Western youth culture, but the reality is that it’s been a return of the repressed, of the descendents of slavery, and its ideology of resistance.

Or something.

blissblog: “Morley himself was the first – in the early Eighties he provocatively remarked that a remix of a Tight Fit single was superior to Led Zeppelin III, thereby driving away the remaining rump of NME’s hippie readership. “

That’s ludicrous. Led Zep III is a great record. I love the folky stuff on it too.

Of course, Morley’s a genius anyway.

Reynolds on UK-Dance
blissblog: “The most pugnacious voices inevitably tended to dominate, and debates were always escalating into acrimonious slanging matches; the ‘winners’ were those with the stamina and thick skin to outlast everybody else.”

I found UK-Dance in this phase of its life both intensely irritating and intesnely addictive simultaneously. It was thrilling to find such a well-informed bunch of people who were so up for really vigourously debating a subject. It must have alienated at least as many people as it turned on but it made for extremely satisfying online entertainment for a lot of people. I remember once trying to defend some particularly badly-argued point over email with one of the UKDers and just getting whacked with one expertly and wittily made put-down after another. It was really testing, made you think, and to be honest I’ve learnt loads from the people on UKD.

Big up Reynolds for bigging up Sean Paul

I can’t find the right link right now but I was really pleased to see the man saying Sean Paul is alright after a bit of slagging in blogdom. Let’s face it, most of the times that the radio or MTV or TOTP is good is when he’s guesting on a track. I’ve heard the album coming over from next door and it sounds pretty good. He isn’t some facile simulation of dancehall, he’s actually areally good exponent. If he was unknown everyone would be raving about him. ‘course, someone like Elephant Man probably won’t be following in his footsteps (though Log On has been heard playing in Woolworths, apparently) cos he won’t look as good (i.e. as white) in the videos. Even so, Sean Paul’s alright, slagging him off is like slagging off Anthea and Donna.